Semalt About Key Elements Every YouTube Video Needs

Content creation has evolved and gone beyond text alone. Thanks to the advancements in technology, we have newer devices that can display content in the form of pictures and videos. We also have screenless smart devices that readout content. All of these are the reasons you must seek out new ways to keep your audience informed. 

The Importance of YouTube 

YouTube is not just a search engine but also a way to publish large content in short and easy to assimilate videos. According to the 2018 State of Inbound Report, 45% of marketers invest more in YouTube. That is because YouTube is the second largest search engine.

As researchers, we cannot begin to explain just how much we've learned from YouTube. Not only do we find useful content, but we also find content that is funny, entertaining, and enlightening.

 As marketers, YouTube is a must-have, and this is evident in the mind-blowing stats around its efficiency. Did you know that YouTube has 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute, that it has over 2 billion monthly users, or that viewers are 4X more likely to visit YouTube when they are searching for visual information, a product, service, or brand? 

It is important for brands to make the most of YouTube and the opportunities it presents, especially if your target audience is millennials. 

If you're thinking of creating a great video, here are key ideas that will result in a successful YouTube video. 


Branding is important in marketing, and it can never be overlooked. Without branding, it is far more difficult to build brand loyalty. It is important to have branded intro footage that helps your loyal viewers immediately recognize your work. With a branded intro, you can:

Grab Their Attention

About 20% of viewers leave within the first 10 seconds of a YouTube video, which means your first 10 seconds must wow your audience. If you want to keep viewers on your content, you need to find a way to grab and keep the attention of your audience the moment your content begins to play. 

Convincing your viewers to keep watching is the key part of this process. You need to explain what they should expect from the video clearly. If your video is describing a product, personalize your review, so they know that you're giving a genuine and unbiased analysis. This helps build trust, and they will always return if they have questions about that product. 

Keep the Title and Opening Credits Short

As we mentioned earlier, we have a very short attention span that decides the fate of a video. It will be suicidal to have an extensive beginning to a video that only makes viewers lose interest. Who wants to watch a video with a long opener repeatedly? 

There is no use having a 1-minute-long opener. Instead, you can keep it inside 5 seconds by going straight to the point. 

Build Trending Topics Into Your Video

Riding a wave of trending topics is a proven strategy on how you can build successful links. It also helps you stay relevant to your audience. When creating content, think seasonal, newsworthy, local, unique, gaming, music, etc., as they are provide great trending topics you can introduce in your videos. 

Google Trends and Twitter are good places to generate trending topics; you can also search YouTube or Popular on YouTube to find topics you can have in your video content. 

Background Music

If all you have is your voice in your videos, you'll bore your audience in no time. There is nothing more boring than a YouTube video with no spark. For this reason, we include background music. We use them not only to grab the attention of the viewer but also to set the mood. With music, we establish an emotional connection between the audience and the content. 

Finally, music determines the pace of the video, and the soundtrack can be the reason why a viewer shares your post. 

When using music in your background, you should make sure that:

Clear Audio

A nice intro and lovely background music wouldn't matter if you didn't communicate clearly with your audience. The ultimate goal of creating a video is to communicate in a manner your audience understands. 

Being clearly audible means you speak fluently in a language your audience considers "natural." In cases where your video is a pictorial illustration, then you should make the background music loud enough. If there is an oral part to your video, make sure the music doesn't overshadow your voice. 

Customized Experiences

Your videos should help you capitalize on micro-moments. These are the stages in a buyer's journey where they need to know, do, go, or buy something. This is the perfect opportunity for your video to become exactly what they need. 

Reading data and following trends helps you figure out and give people what they want when they want it. Leveraging this information to create personalized video content for your audience could go a long way in convincing them to associate with your brand. 

Have A Call To Action

CTAs are the nudge you give your audience to take action. It could be to submit emails for newsletters, buy, contact your brand, and more. With so much content available to viewers, they have very limited time per video. Consequently, marketers must brainstorm ways to have CTAs in a video. 

It is important that CTAs don't occur only at the end of a video because not everyone will watch a video till it finishes. Having CTAs embedded at different points in the video, you enjoy the most from views. 

One easy hack on YouTube is to use clickable annotations in the first few seconds of the video. 

Have an End Screen

End screens can only be added to the last 20 seconds of the video, so you should use them wisely. Any viewer who has come this far is interested in your brand, so your closing graphics should have links to everything. Your end screen should promote your channel, website, and social media handles. 

Design Video Thumbnails Your Viewers Will Want To Click

Of all the items in this list, thumbnails are the most important as they can make or break your YouTube success. YouTube's Suggested videos are one of its leading sources of organic traffic. These thumbnails are special "endorsements" from YouTube. It tells the user they may enjoy this video, and they hardly go wrong. 

Here are some simple practices you should keep in mind: 

Have A Guest Slot

It would be best if you had a guest slot for other YouTubers who already have an audience. This is a great way to grow your audience. You should look for content creators who are already in your niche, but they serve an audience who are likely to enjoy the services you provide. 

Remember to feature your guests in a positive light and sufficiently in your post so that they can promote the video.


Did you know that users search videos on YouTube using their durations as a filter? This is proof that the length of videos is important in YouTube. While viewers enjoy the video, they want it to be as brief as possible. Remember to use only what's necessary. 


These practices will eventually drive traffic to your videos, website, and improve your conversions. These are strategies that have been tried and tested. Neglecting YouTube can be a grave mistake for your brand. Not only will you lose out on traffic on YouTube, but you are also losing a chance to provide an alternative to your viewers. 

Remember that customer satisfaction is the goal, so you should try to satisfy different audience types by providing content in different forms. 

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